How to fill in missing faces in 3D scan?

Hi there,

I am very new to 3D scanning and editing of meshes. I have created one of my first scans in ContextCapture and are using MeshLab to edit. However, I am getting this error when opening in MeshLab: ‘Error details: Faces with fewer than 3 vertices – faces ignored’. There are lots of holes in my scan and I was wondering how I can fix them? Is there a tool to build them in MeshLab, I have tried various filters suggested online, or what other programmes could be recommended?


MeshLab doesn’t seem to have a lot of written documentation. They have video tutorial playlists, including 3D Scanning pipeline, but they request that questions about MeshLab be asked on stackoverflow. If someone here happens to know the answer, that’s great, but just wanted to make sure that you know the official way to ask for help with MeshLab.