How To Embed Nuts in 3D Printed Parts for Hidden Strength:

How To Embed Nuts in 3D Printed Parts for Hidden Strength:

Yeah i know

Great idea, thanks.

@Mark_Rehorst , did they have the textured sides to allow the plastic to grab? And what plastic are those parts embedded in?

@Cliff_Bramlett AFAIK they are textured. All Taz printed parts are made from ABS. But it is best when the embedded nut is inserted from the opposite side of the screw…

I like the idea but prefer back nuts and through bolts to avoid pull out.

These do give a better look but have similar failure modes to the solutions for pressed metal - better when not “highly” loaded.

Following the link through to the other solutions, I like the embedded nuts.

These are great but you have to have the right size hole to get them to work well. Also if you are going to ever use more than a few it will pay to get a dedicated insertion tool.

Great idea!

I would use hex nuts or square nuts so that the plastic still stops the nut turning after it cools and shrinks away slightly.

I used to use imbedded hex nuts but am itching to try the heat set nuts. I’ll use them on my delta build and if all goes well, from now on. Nice guide. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve used these quite a bit but like @Colin_Durrans_minisu ​ said I use them as a back nut. It’s especially useful for keeping a lower profile and less bulk than designing for a captive nut. I have them currently on the leads crew mounts for my i3. Have used them in a couple other projects here and there too. Never had an issue with them being the least bit loose from shrinkage. There are special soldering tips you can use but I’ve never had a problem with a medium tip.

Where can you get these inserts
I have seen them in products just never sold separate.

@Erik_cramer I bought some from ebay:

Did not find the time to try them out yet.

Cool i need them for the light boxes some one just put screws in, instead of M8 screws