How to do NodeMCU Esp32 builds with different libraries


Can anyone help with how to do your own NodeMCU Esp32 builds for use in ChiliPeppr. I need to include MQTT and other libraries. I also need to add Lua Webserver code, but think I am on track with this

I have tried to follow examples on other sites but with no luck so far.

A tutorial on how to do the builds. I am using Mac.

Any help, greatly appreciated

Cheers Jeff

Hi Jeff,

Working on a video walkthrough for you right now because it is a lot of steps, but the gist of it is I use Oracle Virtualbox with Ubuntu 19 to get a Linux environment going. Then I follow the steps in the NodeMCU docs at especially this command:

git clone --branch dev-esp32 --recurse-submodules nodemcu-firmware-esp32

You will see lots of errors when you run make, but just sudo apt install the stuff needed for each error you get and eventually you get to the finish line. I then map the USB port from my Windows laptop to the Ubuntu instance by clicking in lower right corner of virtualbox window and connecting CP2102 or CP2104 (or whatever USB chip your ESP32 uses) so it creates a /dev/ttyUSB0 device and can program via esptool from Ubuntu.


Ok, just posted a video walk through of how to compile the ESP32 Lua (NodeMCU) firmware here



Awesome, thank you so much John. Greatly appreciated.

I watched your vid three times and then had a go at the VM set up, ubuntu etc, and fixed all the compile issues from your feedback before I built the firmware and flashed. I still need to get serial port working in the vm guest, but it is easy just to share folder and drop back to OSX and flash chip.

done three build to date to test with different nodemcu lua modules selected. all good. Will now test mqtt in Lua




Awesome. Sounds like you’re cooking with gas now.