How to direct the diffusion of a led?

Hi guys,

Using capacitive sensors i would like to make a touch power button on a case (plastic PLA) without hole like this:
Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 21-16-35 UBARO-Us-Standard-Delay-15-Minutes-Tempered-Crystal-Glass-Panel-Wall-Light-Touch-Switch-P...

But I’m wondering how to make the diffusion of the light of the led underneath follow the power draw path?
Should i make that part thinner?


I think i should print mixed dark PLA and translucent material.

Hello Zoulou,
You can also print the front of the button leaving the button symbol empty and then fill it with translucent resin.

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Could use two-part epoxy mixed with corn starch or something similar to make it translucent as the filler resin.

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Interesting approach! I was thinking of more professional stuff but this can do the trick too.

I think the hard part is getting the capacitive sensor pad close enough to the surface to register. Are you thinking of embedding it in your print?

I did not worked yet on the sensor, i wanted to imagine everything before testing.
Look doable: TTP223 Capacitive Touch Switches - YouTube
Yes embedded it in the printer.