How to calculate, I am lost here

Good afternoon,
I am totally lost on what to do with the R60 drivers I have and the stepper motors. Whatever I think is correct, it doesn’t work. So I have a motor 3A 1.8 2.5 Nm. I want to set the driver to make it work. Who can guide into the right direction to do this.

Thank you in advance.

The setting of pulse per revolution
200 on on on on
400 off on on on
800 on off on on
1600 off off on on
3200 on on off on
6400 off on off on
12800 on off off on
25600 off off off on
1000 on on on off
2000 off on on off
4000 on off on off
5000 off off on off
8000 on on off off
10000 off on off off
20000 on off off Off
25000 off off off off

The 1.8 in the motor spec means 1.8°/step, which is 200 steps per revolution. This is quite usuall.
The R60 drivers can make microsteps, which means they try to get the rotor in between of two poles (full steps), but these in between positions are not as precise as the main steps and have less torque. So in most cases it does not help to have too small microsteps.

For a CNC router I would configure abould 1/4, 1/8 or 1/10 microstepping, depending on your gear ratio. For 1/4 microstepping, you would set 800 on the dip switches (on off on on).

The computer then needs to send 800 pulses to get a complete rotation.

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