How to boot smoothieboard without SD Card?

(tmnghia1992_SW) #1

I’m a new user of smoothieboard. Can i use moothieboard without sd card?
Thanks very much!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2


You can, but you won’t be able to configure the board, every value will have it’s default value.


(tmnghia1992_SW) #3

Thanks arthurwolf!
Can you help me? step by step to do it.

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Just don’t insert a SD card into the board.

(tmnghia1992_SW) #5

I tried it, but when smoothieboard booting LED4 not flashing and LCD nothing displayed

(Arthur Wolf) #6

LED4 is normal, it just means the board knows there is no SD card.

For the LCD, it’s normal too : the LCD is configured in the config file on the SD card, so without a SD card it can’t know there is a panel.


(tmnghia1992_SW) #7

So, i can’t use smoothieboard to control printer without sd card.
But, when i bought new smoothieboard, it no sd card, however, it work normally!
I don’t know why.

(Arthur Wolf) #8


Yes you can use Smoothieboard to control your printer without a SD card, but it requires changing the source code and compiling ( like with all the other boards that have no native SD card configuration support ).

Why did you not get a SD card ? Where did you buy your board from exactly ?


(tmnghia1992_SW) #9

Hi arthurwolf.

Thanks for your help!
exactly, i have a sd card. But i want to try use Smoothieboard to control my printer without a SD card.
Can you help me? how to changing the source code and compiling?


(Arthur Wolf) #10

Please see here : <>>> and <<<FLOATING LINK:>

(tmnghia1992_SW) #11

I have read both site. But i don’t sure how to do it.
Can you guide step by step for me?

(jlmccuan_SW) #12

Is there some advantage to not using the SD card or do you want to use it for something else?

(tmnghia1992_SW) #13

Hi jlmccuan
thanks your reply.

I want to flash firmware via usb instead of copy to sdcard.
because, if use sdcard, sometimes user delete some file such as firmware.cur, config, etc. Then board will not use.


(jlmccuan_SW) #14

I’m pretty certain there is no EEPROM to flash on the Smoothieboard.