How to ask for help from the support community [IMPORTANT]:

How to ask for help from the support community [IMPORTANT]:

-Please speak in complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Fragments and run-ons are not pleasant nor easy to read. We understand that many of our users are not native English speakers, and are more than accommodating, but some effort should be made from everyone please.
-Explain what is happening. A picture tells a thousand words, but we need at least a few words explaining the context: what did you do, what the issue is, what the machine is or is not doing, and so on. Also please include pictures of the full screen, and then use words to tell us where to focus our attention, as described above.

tl;dr: pictures and punctuation, thank you.

Other important details that may help diagnose your problem. Are you running the latest SPJS build/ what version are you experiencing this issue on? What browser are you on? When did the issue begin/ how long have you been experiencing it?

Spell it out for us: "I did __, I expected to happen, but instead did/ did not happen.

Just a few steps to make the lives of the people helping easier, and to improve your odds of getting help. I come from a tech support background and I can’t emphasize enough how important these points are so that we can diagnose the issue correctly and quickly.

Thank you,

I should probably put something like this, but a little more succinct on the 3d printing group too.

@ThantiK I think you’ll need to generalize this a bit more to all types of posts, like “don’t just post a pic or youtube/ any type of link, actually use words to tell use what it is”.

Thanks Ray. Totally agree. The screenshots are enormously helpful.

I agree and I’m used to this behavior as I too work in IT, Network Operations in fact. I get many support tickets every day that contain “words”, none of which are useful to me solving the customer’s issue. :stuck_out_tongue: I learned to read between the lines and start thinking like Sherlock Holmes.

oye porque no veo mis publicaciones???

It got caught in the spam filter. I approved it. Check again now.

My post yesterday with a hint for firefox with NoScript are catched by the spam filter too?

@Thomas_Machard just approved it.


sir Touch plate does not work well. It does not zero out z axix it only subtracts the value of touch plate thickness from the current z position.

All my units are in mm but the XYZ panel in the upper right corner show the value in inches even though mm is written in front of then

@Dr.Faheem_Chishti what workspace are you using?

@Dr.Faheem_Chishti it would be appropriate to make a new post with your issue, please.


Is cohesion 3D the interface that 80/20 has to import its designs into CAD?

@George_Allen it’s actually my motion controller company, and Don recommended it to you in one of your previous posts:

My apologies, that’s 3D content central.

Oh I’ll check that out! Thanks. I will be choosing that later in my design, if it reaches that point. It’s on the web if I search cohesion 3d?

There’s also a link in your other post that I referred to above.

I just found it. Thanks. I’ll need drivers that can support around 6-8 amps. Which have you found to work best with your controller?