How soon do you believe 3D will become part of education

(Radhika Jadcherla) #1

How soon do you believe 3D will become part of education

(ThantiK) #2

It’s already a part of education. Printrbot, and many others already sell to schools for 3D printing/modeling curriculums.

(Radhika Jadcherla) #3

Yet not very popular . I an talking of k-12 public school curriculum

(Griffin Paquette) #4

I am a high school student and we are building 34 3D printers in my school right now. It is in schools right now. The technology needs to get cheaper and more mainstreamed for the general public to pick it up in my opinion. That being said its getting there to me.

As for lower grade education, I don’t see it picking up too much but that’s just me. Definitely in later years of Elementary school through High School. I use mine all the time for school projects.

(Radhika Jadcherla) #5

Awesome, what school you go to Griffin

(Adam Brackey) #6

Ind. Design/Design and Technical Graphics degree programs have it for sure, but i think the post is referring to grade/high school programs. I’m sure, as the technology becomes more and more affordable, more schools will implement 3D printing for a number of applications.

(Radhika Jadcherla) #7

I agree, I think young minds may be more creative too…

(Carlton Dodd) #8

The high school in my town has two 3D printers that I know of (might have added more since I volunteered there 2 years ago). Tons of K-12 schools have them already.
The problem is that they’re too slow for anything but very small prints. Not really something you can do for 25-30 students in an hour. Try that for 150-180 students per day, and there just aren’t enough hours to print anything but a single collaborative class project or two per week, even with a few printers.
I’d love to know how teachers are integrating 3D printers into their classes.

(Radhika Jadcherla) #9

thanks Carlton, I am also interested in knowing, with common core in place, I have not seen much of 3D in schools. I think it will be great if schools include the technology as a teaching aspect especially for science or art

(Kurt Meister) #10

@ThantiK How about adding an “Education” section to this community?

(Jon Gordon) #11

All I see online is 3D printer (CNC too) companies handing out hundreds of models every month to schools.

(Radhika Jadcherla) #12

Kurt, great idea, but that can be decided by the group organizer.
Jon, I read about it too sometimes but have not seen much ,even a i week course is expensive … wish the new technology gets integrated into the education system helping minds mold young which I feel eill help with the future technology mapping too

(Fernando Salceda) #13

In spain is already happening…

(Radhika Jadcherla) #14

True. I heard about it. Will be great to get some feedback from the kids who have had the experience

(Michael Scholtz) #15

I helped my daughter with a school project and used 3D printing to illustrate how simple parts to add to built a house. I’ll post pics.

(Daid Braam) #16

While 3D printers in classrooms is a good move for the whole industry. I cannot help to think lasercutters would be more useful. Easier to design for and a lot quicker to produce something.

(Michael Scholtz) #17

Younger kids and lasers may not be the best idea, 3 words - invisible laser radiation. but it’s one of the things I’d very much like to aquire. The major stumble block is cad. There’s only so much you can find on thingyverse till you realise you have to learn cad.

(Griffin Paquette) #18

I agree @Michael_Scholtz . That’s why I don’t see it growing in very early education because it takes s serious software to develop most parts. Something that can be don’t on an iPad and then exported with little to no learning curve is what it’s going to take to get that ball rolling in my opinion.

(Radhika Jadcherla) #19

I agree too, my thought was not the complete handling and awareness of software but the concepts making them comfortable with the technology.sinxe the education. System is redefining it’s structure (online, hybrid, hands-on, experimental etc) ,I feel young minds grasp faster with visual teaching. Instead of introducing in the high school , sliding it in bits in late middle school eill mold the minds better

(Daid Braam) #20

@Michael_Scholtz I’ve never seen a (not hacked) laser cutter that could turn the beam on while it is open. All of them have proper hardware safety interlocks.