How soon before there will be FastLED support for Beaglebone?

How soon before there will be FastLED support for Beaglebone?

Beaglebone support is fairly firmly in the “it will happen when I have a project that needs the Beaglebone or someone pays me to do the port” territory at the moment. Too many other things on the list that need to get done.

What do you need from FastLED on the Beagle? I ported CHSV, CRGB, and the conversion functions between the two into a BBB project without too much trouble. Output to APA102 LEDs is simple since you can just write to the Beagle’s SPI device handle (usually /dev/spidev1.0).

Also worth checking out LEDScape for BBB:

What would it cost to do that? I haven’t gotten into the Beaglebone stuff but I think eventually that’s the way to go. I guess it needs to be ported because there’s some assembly that’s not compatible?

For the amount of time it would take and my contracting rate, probably a few grand at least.

Part of what makes the library fast is I talk directly to the low level hardware - but it means that every CPU requires work to support, some more than others. (Not all of this is in asm code, but all of it is very device specific).

The beaglebone black adds more complexity on top of things because it’s not a bare mcu, but a higher speed system running a full blown Linux install. This will change some of the dynamics of how FastLED operates, and to do the device support will either require writing device drivers or pru implementations.

All in all, probably looking at 10-40 hours at a minimum to get everything where i’d want it to be to get rolled into the library proper.

@Daniel_Garcia Given how much “fun” I had just getting the device tree overlay to work, I’d bet on the 40 side of that. I spent three days trying every fork of LEDScape’s DTO I could find, and not one would load.

Try the rgb123 one, worked flawlessly for me