How should I clean the lens on my Diode Laser?

As above, I’ve been using some particularly sooty materials, and my diode laser will probably need cleaning soon.

What is the best way to do it?

Good question.

I would:

  • Blow off with air.
  • Optionally dust with lens brush
  • Use a lens tissue and some lens cleaning fluit (alternately alcohol)
  • Wet the tissue and gently wipe the surface
  • A clean microfiber towel can be used to dry the lens if you wont want to wait for air drying.

Lens cleaning fluid?

For glasses?
Contact lens?
Camera lens?

Or is there something special for laser lens?

I don’t want ot use the wrong type.

You can use the same materials as used for camera lenses.
Eyeglass materials are probably ok but these are your safest.


I like using lens tissues for cleaning.

Also Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) should be fine. You could lightly wet a lens tissue with IPA or even use a cotton swab. Just don’t scrub hard.


All of the lenses in my laser modules are recessed and pretty small. Like @NedMan I use a lint free cloth, wrapped around a cotton wool bud, iso alcohol and very little pressure.

You need to do this regularly, especially if you don’t have air-assist, they get dirty quite quickly. Not only does this reduce power, it also makes the diode run hotter, reducing lifespan.