How NOT to do generate Gcode...

How NOT to do generate Gcode… You don’t use Sketchup, import the faces as a DXF and then use aspire, import the dxf and hit go. There is a super cool feature in Aspire called “Fit Curve To Vectors” which removes MANY of the super tiny lines. These mega tiny lines basically choke the serial buffers and cause a BUNCH more work for chilipeppr to render. This changed a 4mb file to 94k. MUCH more manageable :slight_smile:

neat trick. Does other software besides Aspire do stuff like that?

Yeah, that makes sense. I created some gcode the other day in inkscape of two letters and even that created way too many tiny lines. Creating good gcode is an art in itself. The “fit curve to vectors” sounds awesome.

I have checked it out yet.