How much the maximum speed for each axis and how can i define it? pls help me


i need to know how much fast every stepper motor on X and Y axis can rotate and how can i define it in config file?
i tried x_axis_max_speed and y_axis_max_speed but when i run the G-code i see no change in speed.
i used to run gcode only from sd card and without PC.
i want to build a CNC machine and i need to know that to choose right ball-screw.
pls help me

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You set the speed your machine runs using the F parameter, in millimeters per minute :
G1 X1000 F100 , moves 1000mm at 100 millimeter per minute

Also, you can use *_axis_max_speed to set the maximum speeds ( also in mm/minute ), that will work. If you don’t see a difference, you must be doing something wrong, please check carefully everything you are doing.