How long is editing enabled for?

(Michael K Johnson) #1

I just noticed while setting up my profile that the site said (somewhere) that you can’t edit posts forever, but it was a bit cagey about how long editing is enabled for.

One of the things I liked on G+ was that no matter how long it had been, if I saw that I had confused things with a typo, I could fix the typo.

Can we leave editing enabled indefinitely here too?

(Ned Hill) #2

As far as I know all posts are indefinitely editable unless changed by a mod.

(Ned Hill) #3

Well it does seem that admin can set a time limit globally for the site. So @funinthefalls would have to let us know what the site is currently set to.

(Ned Hill) #4

Looks like the default is 60 days.

(Anthony Bolgar) #5

I have reset the editing time limit to be forever. It had been defaulted to 6 months (expressed in minutes…lol)

(Anthony Bolgar) #6

I have also restricted the ability of users to see the pre-edited post, only staff can see the original version.

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