How long does it take for a Helios heatbed to heat to abs temperature

How long does it take for a Helios heatbed to heat to abs temperature (on 3mm Boro)?
I am debating whether to get a Helios bed or just go with a standard mk3 heatbed from robotdigg or something

I am also wondering if you can “overvoltage” the pcb heatbeds with 24v safely by adjusting the max duty cycle in marlin, just in the name of reducing heat up times
Thanks in advance

I am using a 300W power supply, 12V, couldn’t really get it up to 110C constantly, it took about 20 minutes. It stay for a few minutes and fluctuate around 90C when printing started. Even worst when the fan is turn on. I think it is the power supply problem. I intend to change to a higher rating of power supply, you may want to consider.

Depending on your printer I would (carefully) insulate the base of the heat plate (I’ve used a cardboard insulated w/ aluminum tape) and cover the top of the heat bed with a piece of cardboard and a rag during heat-up.

You’ll have to keep an eye on this setup until the temperature is reached and wait a little more for stationary state. It takes me about 10min to attain a stable temperature - it takes least half the time than without these mods. The cardboard (top) is then removed and print can start.

I have to do this as I have an old atx PSU. Some time in the future I’ll upgrade it to a more suitable PSU…

For 24V you’ll have to bypass the RAMPS (if that’s the case) and use an external relay.