How is your experience with Nylon printing?

How is your experience with Nylon printing? Are PLA only printers able to print using Nylon?

Nylon does not need a heated platform (generally the distinction that defines “PLA-only” printers), but it does need special platform materials and is more picky about extruders than other plastics.

Thanks for the information. Does “picky about extruders” mean, one needs to change the extruder (the one in Makerbot or Ultimaker) in order to print using Nylon?

@Nils_Hitze printed nylon straight from his ultimaker, no modifications.

thx for mentioning me @ThantiK

@Ibrahim_Kocaalioglu make sure you hit the right temperature. I’ve used 240 Degrees

It means some stock extruders will work and some won’t. Particularly, you need a drive gear with sharp, deep teeth (the MBI one probably won’t work). Also, brass nozzles seem to work better than aluminum ones, and you want a relatively short hot zone.

I find that it works much better at 230C than 240C. At 240, it tends to bubble up and expand as it leaves the nozzle. YMMV.

Thanks - will reduce the temp and try another model. The one i’ve used didn’t had many details.

Is there an ultimate extruder for ABS, PLA and Nylon printing?

Short answer: no. Everyone has their favorites, but all have disadvantages compared to some of the others.

I guess the nozzle and the heating part need differentiating. The feeding mechanism can be standardized.