How I keep people out of my office. Lack of organization skills aside...

(Alex Lee) #1

How I keep people out of my office.

Lack of organization skills aside… Here’s a little peek at the Talos family (and a little delta cousin) in their habitat.

The floor lamp doesn’t work.

(Carlton Dodd) #2

Gave up that door for more wall space, huh? I know just how you feel.

(Alex Lee) #3

@Carlton_Dodd Yep! Pretty soon I’m going to have to figure out a way to stack the printers…

(Carlton Dodd) #4

1: Custom shelving
2: Addition to back of house
3: Re-purpose garage
4: Re-purpose and addition to garage.

I like #4!

(Martin Bondéus) #5

Hmmm… i can see some similarities with my own workshop @Alex_Lee

(William Eades) #6

How do you keep it so tidy? I can barely turn around in my lab…

(Alex Lee) #7

@William_Eades LOL! This is not something you accomplish overnight, took me a while to get a system going… :smiley:

(Chris Brent) #8

So which printers are the Talos’? Is the big delta the same as the one I saw on Eric Lien’s feed?

(Alex Lee) #9

@Chris_Brent The two machines with the red plates are the small and large versions of the Talos. The delta I’m trying “Tria Delta” as a name (translates to “Three D” from Greek).

It’s an identical machine as @Eclsnowman 's delta, just not printing as nicely… yet!

(Chris Brent) #10

Thanks, I figured it was something like that. It’s hard to keep up with you guys! I feel so lame because I “only” have two printers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ernesto Martinez) #11

Nice! Which firmware are you using?

(Alex Lee) #12

@Ernesto_Martinez good old Marlin on the cartesians, and smoothieware on the delta :slight_smile:

(Ernesto Martinez) #13

Which version? Marlin is a mess right now and I have seen contributors leave because recent dictatorial behavior from some…

(William Eades) #14

@Chris_Brent I am totally with you Chris. I feel like an ant among giants with just my one RB, and still trying to learn the technology.
BTW @Alex_Lee how are the “Twins” doing? With all the new gear you have, are you still using them?

(Mandy Ellifritz) #15

@William_Eades The “twins” were sacrificed for parts for the first few Talos models. I guess that’s a good thing though. My RB board failed on me a few weeks ago and they don’t and won’t have replacements. All the non-IAP parts on it are pretty good, so it’s gonna get Talos guts eventually; and maybe the twins will get rebuilt too.