How does one clear a hotend blockage...  Do you have to take it all

How does one clear a hotend blockage… Do you have to take it all apart or poke it with a fine wire ?


Sometimes, just letting it cool off, and then running the hot end hotter than usual will get things to clear for me.

@Theo_Walker no. Just no. That is a dangerous recommendation and a good way to have someone destroy their hot end.

Use a lower temperature than usual and pull the plug out from the backside:

Finally got it ! Succesive application of a drill bit turned by hand with alternating heat / cool. Hand insertion of filament and drawing out waste after drill bit returned nothing more.

Note to self… get some fine guage wire !

I just give my nozzle a soak in acetone overnight, then the blockage usually pops out. This is of course assuming that you are not in a hurry.