How do you set your tram? What order do you adjust the corners,

How do you set your tram?

What order do you adjust the corners, do you use a level, etc.?

Seems like this should be simple but I’m having a heck of a time dialing it in perfectly…

Three-point mounting makes it so much easier. The Bukobot has a fixed point at the back of the platform (held by a standoff) and we adjust the endstop until that point is at the right level, then we move the nozzle to each of the front corners and adjust the thumb screws until they are at the same level. So much easier than with any of the more common four-point systems. Trying to define a plane from four points is a losing proposition.

I’m going to see if I can find a picture of that :slight_smile:

So @Whosa_whatsis , I’m going to be hacking on my replacement Y carriage tonight and I’d really like to check out the 3-point mounting system you mentioned from the Bukobot.

I took a look at the design files that are on Thingiverse ( but I don’t see the y carriage on there yet; is there any chance those files are available elsewhere, or maybe there are some photos of the carriage I can examine?


Lots of pictures here:

Excellent, thank-you!

So is there anything holding the bearings to their mounts, other than friction?

Zip ties, but we don’t install those until its been tested.

ah, good ol’ zip ties :slight_smile: