How do you set the G0 feed rate in LW4?

How do you set the G0 feed rate in LW4? All non laser on moves are horribly slow. If it’s in settings I’ve missed it.


Smoothie, he’s got a C3D Mini.

As the other guys mentioned you need to set it in your firmware however a couple times a day mine will fall to the feed rate I have set for cuts. Example is I have g0 moves at 80mm/s and everything is working as expected. In between jobs I might swap out the material and run the same gcode again. When I do that, it slows to a crawl.

G0 feed rate is a setting in Smoothie’s config. @raykholo can point you to it.

There is a bug in LW4 which we have not been able to repeat consistently where the G0 feedrate often overrides our firmware settings (smoothie).
It hasn’t been posted as a bug yet until we can isolate the cause.

This results in extremely slow G0 rates.

@Chuck_Comito If you have a repeatable situation you may want to post it on github for the developers to look into.

@Domenic_Di_Giorgio I just repoed it. lw.raster-to-gcode is inserting a rogue “G0 F1500”. Please file a bug. edit: missing “I”

I’m starting to think we need a post processor to strip out this, lone S values, and other weird things we run into from lw.raster-to-gcode.


That was quick! Thanks @Todd_Fleming

I’ve pinged Sebastien to override setting. Anyway, G0 need to be exposed as machine setting

Am I crazy to think there was some errata introduced with this code change? My K40/smoothie does this weird homing/tweak out really fast move and then the Y position is thrown off. I notice it in between operations/tasks so I have been getting around it by moving the tasks around. I would look at the gcode to see but I have no way figuring out where that part of the gcode is in a text editor.

Does this look weird to anyone?
X20.60 S0.2425
X19.60 S0.4209
X19.40 S0.4131
X19.30 S0.0510
X18.10 S0.0000
X18.00 S0.3739
X17.00 S0.4209
X16.90 S0.3935
X15.70 S0.0000
X15.60 S0.0392
X15.40 S0.4150
X15.00 S0.4209
X14.90 S0.0484
X10.10 Y192.30 S0.0000
; stripped: S0.1575
X11.20 S0.1686
X11.30 S0.0412

@Kris_Backenstose there should be a group of comments in the gcode between each operation. Ignore stripped lines; that’s a post processor removing stuff that confuse Smoothieware and grbl-lpc.