How do you fix double belts to v-slot extrusions?

(Milos Vajdic) #1

How do you fix double belts to v-slot extrusions?
I decided to double belt all my axis and I can’t figure out a secure way to clamp these suckers at ends.

I’ve seen somewhere suggestions but my search came up with nothing.

(nick wiegand) #2

I used double sided tape to hold the belt in the groove. I have not had any issues with it.

(Milos Vajdic) #3

How did you fix ends of belts to maintain the tension?

(Jace Richardson) #4

What did you mean by double belts? Do you have a photo of your setup?

(Milos Vajdic) #5

Ok so this link has 3 images, click on different links just above the image -,X2Mn8ou,asl6suG#0

basically its following this idea here -

by using dual belts with lower one being fixed to extrusion with teeth facing up. It allows the second belt on top, being placed in a normal manner to lock in with the lower one and increase accuracy by …a lot.

My problem is as it can be seen in 3rd image I am not sure how to fix the belt ends to a machine. This setup in 3rd image doesn’t really tension the cable since it just clamps it.

(Chris Brent) #6

The lower belt isn’t tensioned though, right? So the top belt is just tension with the stepper, or at the ends, separate to the lower belt.

(nick wiegand) #7

@Chris_Brent correct

(Milos Vajdic) #8

Yes. Apparently it’s supposed to be a lot better at stopping our beloved gantry from extra travel :slight_smile: