how do I, or can I,

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #1

how do I, or can I, switch the output from the y and z motors. IE, i want to have the z axis motor output be the y axis motor output and the y to be the z. I’m using two y motors and the z axis has two outputs. I’m just trying to give myself some options for experimentation on a new design.

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #2

i’m looking through the marlin firmware and can’t find a solution (using ramps 1.4)

(william foster) #3

@Andrew_Radovich_BadW i’m a bit confused, but you could go into pins.h and switch them that way.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #4

The current version of Marlin (at least on dev) uses board files, but the idea is still the same. Switch step, direction, and enable between the two drivers. Another option is to just change the wiring a little bit on the physical board where the motors are wired together to another wire before being put into a connector.

(Carlton Dodd) #5

You can connect the two Y motors in parallel in the same screw connector (if your board has them). The two Z outputs on your board are probably connected that way. Or, you can wire in series, but that’s a bit more work.

(Álvaro Rey Rodríguez) #6

In the pins.h file look for ramps 1.4 you will find the pins for each axis. Change the letter Y for Z, and Z for Y

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #7

thanks everyone. I’ll try the pins.h fix first

(Joe Spanier) #8

That’s were I would start Andy. It should be a pretty simple swap over. Otherwise just wire them into parallel. I usually tie my z wires up on the prusa builds as it just ends up cleaner so it should be the same on this