How do I merge accounts or transfer posts? I have 2 accounts now

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #1

When I first set myself up for this forum, I made a new username and password. I did not log in via Google. I have now associated my github and google account with the account that I made here. I also ended up making a Google sign in based account just now on accident. What do I do now? If I can have my G+ posts that were transferred over here show up under the account that I made here, that would be fine. If the posts that I made via the account I made here show up under the Google login, that would be fine. It seems that the Google login has service failures though, so that makes me think the independent account is the one that I should keep.
I would not doubt it if others have also done this.

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(Ned Hill) #2

If you did a google sign in with account tied to your G+, and you associated that account with your original registration here, then you should have ownership of all your original posts from G+. You will have two accounts then if your original registration used a different email then the google one.

(Michael K Johnson) #3

@NathanielStenzel @NathanielStenzel are the two accounts, right? There’s nothing built into Discourse to merge two separate existing Discourse accounts: The Discourse UI doesn’t enable this because it is very expensive processing, but it is possible from the command line.

(This was why I was so insistent before the import started that people please log in to their account with google at least once so that their account would be associated; I literally had no other way to do that. And without being able to associate the account, I had to create a new user associated with that google account.)

Updated: I learned more, so removed incorrect statements…

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #4

I do not think I previously linked the google account to @NathanielStenzel. I seem to have forgotten the password to @NathanielStenzel now too. It is fine if everything gets associated with @NathanielStenzel.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #5

I just posted on G+ about the fun just so that you have verification that both @NathanielStenzel and @NathanielStenzel are indeed me.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #6

The G+ posts were imported as @NathanielStenzel.

(Stephane BUISSON) #7

@NathanielStenzel @NathanielStenzel can I suggest you edit the previous post and remove your mail address for your own sake.
For info the gmail login and G+ do not share your mail address with us. But we have enough info to link them together.
The underscore in your name was added during G+ community import.
As we can’t merge account (it is complicated because of your earning and trust level etc… could differt between account.) if you don’t have to much post it would be more simple for you to reassign your recent @NathanielStenzel post to @NathanielStenzel (all your historic and valuable one).

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #8

Okay. Please kill the @NathanielStenzel account and set the @NathanielStenzel account to use the gmail account that is set for @NathanielStenzel as the email account. I have not made many posts on this @NathanielStenzel account. I can not access the @NathanielStenzel account at the moment though.


I’m in a similar situation, and I’m confused as to what to do. I first made my account using a non-gmail email address. At a later date, as directed, I logged in using my gmail account. Later again, I “associated” my gmail account to my account here on my preferences page. Now, when I login with either method, I get the same account, which is good. But my old g+ messages were imported with an underscore separating my names, and they aren’t connected to my account.

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(anon57870006) #10

This account looks auto created and I wish to erase it. I log in with Google account and it has the posts related to me.

(Michael K Johnson) #11

@anon57870006 you appear to be the exception. I don’t know how that account was not associated with any topics or posts, but it was not, so I was able to delete it.

@kongorilla The login using your gmail account claimed the already-created user with underscores from an import that had already been done at that time. :frowning: sorry!

We can’t just delete accounts associated with posts (that is, Discourse won’t let us because it’s an important part of their data model), and at least while I’m actively processing imports I just don’t have any bandwidth left for manually tweaking accounts. I tried as hard as I could to convince people to log in with google before the imports. Now people can own their other accounts but it’s really a lot of work to do the merge, and while I’d like to be able to do everything right now I’m already giving up sleep just pulling in imports, and until Google pulls the plug and I’ve finished the import, I’m going to prioritize the import.

I’d like to suggest that people record their requests for account associations here for admins to look at after the import process is done, with us being willing to look at duplicate accounts at that time. Please provide the links to both account summaries, as @anon57870006 did for the other account, to make sure the request isn’t ambiguous.

In the meantime, I’ll request your patience.

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(Dougal Campbell) #13

I have a split personality, too. I tried your suggestion of dissociating my Google login from this account, then using the “Login with Google” authentication, but it wanted to create a new, third account with a new username, it wouldn’t let me just login to the Dougal_Campbell placeholder account from the FastLED Community import.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #14

Come to think of it, that is how I got @NathanielStenzel. Now, I can not even access my @NathanielStenzel account. It replaced the email for that one with a dummy email account. I can not seem to recall the password either. Maybe the password was changed by the system. I do not know.

(Michael K Johnson) #15

I’ve found out how to do this, so just record requests and I’ll look into them after importing is done. Sorry for delay…

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(Dries Verbruggen) #16

I made an account before being aware that a community that I posted in would transfer here. So I have @Unfold (my first created account) & @Unfold (imported). Both use the same Gsuite email address. I have not claimed the imported account. Will do if advised.

(Michael K Johnson) #17

@Unfold It happens that if you had logged in as @Unfold using the “with Google” button (not just using your gmail address) the import would have recognized you and attributed your posts to you. As it is, I’ll include you in the great user migration after the import is finished. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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(Michael K Johnson) #18

It turns out that I can merge the accounts created during the import into accounts made separately. I will do that for users created before the import started, if I can validate your identity in a reasonable way.

I’m testing this process in devel before I run it in production. It looks like it’s very slow (as long to do a single user:merge as to do a moderate-size new import), but it’s well understood and should generally do what you are asking for.

I will merge imported user → preferred user:

Note that if you see lines in the migration that looks like there is no change, that migration has already been completed, and the references to the imported user will have been removed.

Thanks for your patience!

(Ned Hill) #19

When I was moving K40 Whisperer posts around last night I noticed that @Scorch was @Scorch on G+.

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(Dries Verbruggen) #20

looks great @mcdanlj! Thanks a lot for all the work.

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(Michael K Johnson) #21

All known user merges complete.

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