how do i get some to do a drawing for 3d project

how do i get some to do a drawing for 3d project

What do you need done?

You can find a number of free 3d modeling programs online. One popular program with plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube is Meshmixer. That program is good for “organic” modeling, that is, models with curves, perhaps a lot of freehand creation. A popular program for engineering modeling would be Fusion 360 or TinkerCAD, both of which are free to hobbyists. There are many others, too many to list here.

i would rather find someone who could help me with a design , i am not that swift on computer lol , i am 76 years old . i have a clay model for what i need to produce, it is small . any ideas.

well you can put an ad for job and expected pay probably put it up on board at local university or school, attaching photo of the ;thing; and contact details. you can try to use some phone app to 3d scan the model if the clay is dried and you have good amount of light. but you probably will have to edit it later anyway.

ok thanks for your advice

@Blake_Williams My offer to assist stands. I don’t see a PM method in this G+ system, but you can email me direct if you want to pursue the project. I don’t charge for this sort of thing as it is more for enjoyment than for income. My email address is fred followed by the underscore character, then the full three letter word “dot” and another underscore followed by the single letter “u” with the domain of “at”

I really have to change that address. It requires too much explanation even in the barest form!