How do I find out what I can do with FastLED?

(Bill L) #1

How do I find out what I can do with FastLED? Is there a .doc or something similar to see what is built in?

(Dave Morgan) #2

The FastLED web site ( has lots of information.

(Bill L) #3

Yes it does. I am trying to get Peter Chestna’s X-Mas tree code to work and it fails on a certain function. I have no idea where to begin to fix it as I have 0 programming knowledge. I can comment out the problematic area but I’d like to have the whole thing working. I was wondering if the function was in the library

(Randal B) #4

Id suggest starting with some of the example sketches that are included with the library before trying to get other people’s code to work. They are much simpler to understand how they work

(Jon Burroughs) #5

This is the main wiki for the library, you will find almost everything explained in there. Take baby steps, no matter how much you want to jump in headfirst. Study the examples, and experiment with them on your own to try an idea out.