How do I change the table or workspace zero?

How do I change the table or workspace zero? right now in the visualizer 0,0 is in the center of the table, but 0,0 is in the upper right hand corner.
I’m using grbl 1.1


G28.3 X0 Y0 Z0

@sszafran so when do I enter this command? I am assuming it is position specific? should I home the machine and then enter this command? And actually I was wrong, Machine Zero is actually the upper right hand corner of the workspace. thanks

I don’t think that would do it… Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well. My machine has limit switches, and when I home the machine, the head ends up at the upper right corner of my table and position shows X-5 Y-5 Z10 after homing, but chilipeppr is showing the head in the center of the workspace in the visualizer.

You can play with your settings and change machine zero after homing to bottom left corner. This way you will use X+ and Y+ coordinate system quarter, which is I think more natural.
I don’t know your exact hardware setup, possibly limit switches might need to be re-installed to other machine ‘corners’.
Jog your machine to the middle of the working table, set Z height in the middle, possibly dismount spindle temporarily to avoid into-working-table crash. Start homing your machine, 1 axis at time (G28.2 X0 for X, G28.2 Y0 for Y and G28.2 X0 for Z axis respectively) and manually trigger switch to complete homing procedure. Change your homing direction setting, re-test until all runs as expected.