How cool is this?

How cool is this? Using a @MakerBot to re-create the toy in a Kinder Surprise without cracking the chocolate. #3Dprinting

Very interesting

very funny :slight_smile:

It is an incredibly interesting piece of research presented in a light and fluffy, popular with the masses, kind of way. Hats off to Laura.

This is very cool. Techniques like this are very useful when trying to examine fossils inside rock that might be damaged with other methods.

Yeah, you could just look at the scanned computer model, but our brains work much better with a tangible object. :slight_smile:

I agree @Stan_Seibert , although it seems like a silly throwaway bit of fun, the possibilities for the technology to study mummified remains, fossils as you say are quite remarkable.

So goodc

This amazing technology allows doctors to reconstruct parts of your interior to examine tangibly. Wonderful for reconstructive surgery and prosthetics.

That is amazing research, this is a cute ad.