How can they justify those prices?

How can they justify those prices? It is quite surprising to me that those printed gears are soo expensive…

They have their proprietary plastic Drylin. They are making lots of items related to 3d printer out of that Drylin. Their LM8UU bushes are roughly 2-3 times costly comparing to other vendors. Same their Linear guides.

I understand but how do they compete with the rest of the market, which is less expensive …

These are extremely useful for specialized Applications, such as being immersed in corrosive environment

Expensive compared to what and who, specifically? The combination of properties they show there is pretty impressive.

They’re apparently doing just fine. They sent a LOT of samples out to the community.

Yes, I know, that’s why I am quite surprised by the 3d printed parts’ prices. Of course I assume they have a selling point and they must have done their math correctly but still.

For some people/companies, reliability is much more important than price, especially if maintenance costs are factored in and scales are large.

Igus is a huge industrial company. If they don’t compete with the less expensive filament makers it won’t hurt them. They sell this stuff to people who need the properties that their stuff offers, cost isn’t the first factor for their customers.

Simple reason, not my money, just my job on the line