How can i make my stepper motor more quite? Less whistle sound.

How can i make my stepper motor more quite? Less whistle sound.

@Eddy_Castro ​ im talking about the stepper motor whistling sound, not vibration

Adding drivers with higher micro-stepping.

Need more info. What stepper drivers are you using? What microstepping level? How are the motor’s mounted to the printer?

Things that reduce motor noise:

  1. finer microstepping
  2. drivers with a better decay mode (not 8825s…)
  3. rubber between the motor and the printer’s hard parts (belts, elastomer stepper dampers, etc)

Trinamics drivers man. They’re magic

Better stepper drivers or Inertia dampener or both. You can also DIY such a dampener but better stepper driver is better in general. The problem with cheap drivers like Allegro and TI8825 comes because they use fixed decay. You can’t tune them for optimal performance. Trinamic support auto-decay mode which will almost use best possible regime for your motors or you can go even higher with drivers like TI8711 and h-bridge where you will be able to fine-tune the motors to perfect stance.

A “whistling” sound is probably the DRV8825 drivers. Switching to any other kind (if it’s possible with your controller) should remove that, but (depending on what type you replace them with), it might cause other types of noise.

Just adjust for more current on stepper driver trimer. whistling sound is product of current chopping in the driver , annoying but not harmful for machine. BE CAREFUL not to over heat the motors(monitor the current ).