How can I get my hands on an old revision of FastLED_SPI1?

(Gerard Pesce) #1

How can I get my hands on an old revision of FastLED_SPI1? I have an old strip of LPD6803 that are glued to a canvas frame and I need to program an ESP8266 with some “funky lights” for tomorrow night.

I wanted to try to use FastLED code, but honestly I just need something that will change colors and just roll through some random patterns.

Does anyone have a suggestion/solution for ESP8266 and a single strip of LPD6803?

(Gerard Pesce) #2

I found an older thread dealing with this issue, and I am barking up that tree now, but please feel free to plug in some sample code or something I might just be able to program and go with.

I am out of time to learn how to make this work on my own, so if someone has an ESP8266/LPD6803 solution please point me in that direction…anything is better than nothing.

I am gonna try to run some code I had used for another Teensy 3.1 project back in June that used 7 WS2813 strips…maybe I can get that to work by some miracle.

(Daniel Garcia) #3

I’m not sure the fastled1 code would work for the esp8266 :confused:

(Gerard Pesce) #4

I’m just gonna use one of my 7 WS2813 strips and my Teensy controller as a workaround.