How can I DIY this ferrofluid speaker

Hello I’m a complete novice at electronics but seeing this ferrofluid speaker video (Ferrofluid display cell bluetooth speaker - YouTube)

really sparked my interest. I’ve always liked making things but electronics seemed a little intimidating but now I’m ready to try it out.

So far I know this build uses an Electromagnet and MSGEQ7 but I have no idea how to set these up. I’ve watched a few videos on building a DIY Bluetooth speaker but I’m confused about how to integrate the electromagnet and MSGEQ7.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

An interesting subject which I have little practical experience but it looks like a fun subject:

I am not sure exactly what you want to build but here is my guess at how these work;

  • A Bluetooth audio source is an input to the audio spectrum analyzer (MSGEQ7)
  • The MSGEQ7 samples the audio and separates it into 7 discrete bands
  • The MSGEQ7 provides a Peak DC output representing the amplitude for each of the seven bands extracted from the input music.
  • A specific bands peak value is extracted by additional logic (microcontroller) that demultiplexes the output of the MSGEQ7
  • The MSGEQ7 is connected to some kind of electromagnet driver that translates the peak DC value to the needed electromagnet drive current.
  • The electromagnet could be a speaker(s) or similar electromagnetic device(s). example electromagnet:
  • The # and pattern of the electromagnets depend on the intended display.

Found these links informative.


Thank you! I really appreciate all the helpful information.

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