How beneficial / critical is it to upgrade the stock power supply?

How well does the stock power supply hold up over time? Are they prone to issues and failures? Thinking about putting in a Cloudray HY-T50 and am wondering how many benefits this will bring or if it’s best to just wait until the stock one either fails or gives me issues.

Machine: K40 with cohesion3d board

I had to replace mine after a couple of years of regular use. I don’t think there is much of a gain to replacing the stock LPS before it fails.


Somewhere I’d read that the K40 LPS was designed mostly for powering the laser tube and the designer put a low power 24V section onboard and was not designed to be powering stepper motors. But manufacturers took the design and put lower power steppers and run the 24V near its limit. So many people install a separate 24V5A PS since they are pretty inexpensive and we don’t draw anything from the 24V of the LPS. Also figure it helps keep the heat down on the LPS too.

Other than that, the stock LPS can over drive the stock tube so it’s good enough. When my tube goes I will end up getting the 50W LPS and a true 40W tube. Not until then though.


I would stay with the stock supply until it fails.
However, if you want to increase the power of the laser you will have to change the supply.

You’re running a C3D so I am assuming you have added a stand-alone 24V supply.

If not you should consider one as I think that will provide more margin and stability to the controller. Also, I like having the controller’s power isolated from the LPS supply.


I appreciate all of the input @NedMan @dougl @donkjr

Sounds like everyone agrees that the stock supply is sufficient until it either fails or I end up getting a more powerful laser tube.

@donkjr Yes, the C3D board came with its own 24v supply to power it, so the only connection between the LPS and the C3D board are the L and G wires.


he heh… did not notice this thread was from you !!!
Of course you have a 24V supply…lol

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