How bad is that owl print on page.

How bad is that owl print on page.

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To be fair, at $520 for a fully assembled and calibrated machine, what do you expect? I think it’s not TOO bad when you take that into consideration.

That owl looks like crap, for any printer, even if it’s just $500-ish.
The picture of the Prusa Set is blandly stolen from @RepRap_Pro 's older website, RepRapLtd, here:
The picture of “their” filament has been stolen from @MakerBot1 , here:


RepRapPro and Makerbot have been informed. I hope they both take proper care of them. I hate when some project advertises with some else’s acheivements, and since my family is kinda rooted in photography, i’m quite sesitive to image theft as well. I’m quite enraged.

Basically a printrbot with a rather ridiculous shell and silly name?

I can’t believe this trashbot is getting funded. L5 3D got a raw deal. I think it has something to do with the time of year on kickstarter.

@Thomas_Sanladerer did they already take the images down?

@John_Ecker_GeoDroidJ Jep, they did.

Just added my last attempt to talk 1000 people off a cliff they don’t even see. (