hour counter

(Robotnik3D_SW) #1


Just an idea… is there a possibility for an elapsed hour counter in the smoothieware? One for the entire operation time of a printer and one resetable?


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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Hi !

There is a problem with this : if the computer is accessing the SD card ( USB mass storage mounted ), it is not safe to write to the SD card.
If you can live with no mass storage, then this should be pretty trivial to add.
If you want to code it, I can help you, otherwise it is on my TODO list, but I don’t have a timetable for when it will be added.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(JohnRR_SW) #3

There is flash memory on the processor. I think saving it there could be possible. Also a tool hour&inch counter ?
Mbed doc may have more info.

(Arthur Wolf) #4

I ignored flash because you take the risk of loosing the information if firmware flashing occurs. Also I expect you would want to write to it quite often, and that is probably not a good idea for flash.

One simple solution would be to use a second SD card :slight_smile: They are cheap, and you wouldn’t get concurrency issues.

Saving tool hours and inch ( you mean millimeter right ? :slight_smile: ) counter shouldn’t be a problem, once you have a saving mechanism.