Hot new DRO edit jog feature.


Hot new DRO edit jog feature. Enter your new coordinate and ChiliPeppr will navigate to it for you in that axis.

(Davey Rance) #2

Thanks John. It makes getting to a specific place much quicker :slight_smile:

(Todd Hewitt) #3


(Jimmy De La Garza) #4

This is an excellent addition, I tried to do this out of plain expectation the other day and it of course wasn’t there… ChiliPeppr’s just that intuitive :slight_smile:

(Gordon Broom) #5

Alas, it’s only on the TinyG workspace. I may have to break down and learn some javascript…


@Gordon_Broom there’s a lot of stuff on the TinyG workspace that isn’t on Grbl like dynamic feed rate control during a job run.

(Gordon Broom) #7

I’m digging into the GRBL fork comparing it against the TinyG fork. I’ll see how easy it is to create my own fork and add all the missing bits in.