Hot glue knob!

Every once in a while you trip over (Pinterest) a hack that is just brilliant!

For me, brilliant hacks have these features:

  • Makes DIY easier and cheaper…
  • Uses materials you already have in the shop…
  • Can be accomplished in less time…
  • Creates an excuse to buy a new tool you don’t have

Although I have a knob-making jig I hate making them. This hack worked amazingly well.

Wrench laid on a piece of glass with bolt centered. Any smooth surface works.

Fill with hot glue …

Let harden …

Tap it out with a socket …

I haven’t put it to a torque test but for this application, it was substantially stronger than the item I was fastening.

It took longer to heat the glue gun than to make the part :slight_smile:

On my latest [small parts] sled, because a shop can’t have to many sleds!


Not sure how long it will last but here is another way to melt the glue. There’s a lot of variations of this pot. I have one that has a nice spout for pouring.


oh, this meets criteria 4!!!


This looks a lot faster than my go-to, which is to measure the bolt and 3d print a knob to match it.


I was thinking the only upgrade which might strengthen the hotglue-to-bolt interface might be a 3 walled 3D printed part to wrap the bolt head and why not throw some small spikes out from it to dig into the glue a little.


Guess I need to do a torque test!