Hot End Mounting - So, a couple years back, I got a cobble bot.

Hot End Mounting -

So, a couple years back, I got a cobble bot. The thing was far less than spectacular. After many many upgrades and modifications, I’m still having trouble with my prints. Lately, it’s been my hot end. The mounting system that came with the printer was bad. There is no way to apply tension against the hot end to hold it in place. It’s currently being pulled in several directions with zip ties - very rigged up.

Do you guys have a source for a way to hold this? I’m currently using a v slot rail with a plate + wheels for my Y Axis. It’s moved by a belt. I’m using a bowden style e3d v6.

I’m open for any and all suggestions.

Add some pictures?

When I get home I will

I’m mostly looking for alternatives, not necessarily a way to make my set work.

Which machine is it? Basic? Vanguard?

See this.

This is for a chimera, but can be easily modified for e3d. The openscad file is included.

Oh that is cool. I’ve got a Chimera I’ve been saving for the day my tolerances set correctly.

The machine is one of the ones that printed 15x15x15 inches. I’ve made many dramatic changes to the original design. It has even more area. It’s a disaster of a mess and isn’t internet worthy.

I haven’t had enough consistent prints to make any progress on making the machine better it self. I’m going to give it another shot this evening.

This is an older picture of it. It’s the best shot i got of the mounting set up currently.
missing/deleted image from Google+