Hopefully the soon to be common successor to OpenSCAD.

Hopefully the soon to be common successor to OpenSCAD.

http://kaosat-dev.github.com/CoffeeSCad/ is the live demo page

https://github.com/kaosat-dev/CoffeeSCad - is the development github

This has massive potential, it even works on my iPad (little fiddly though) and I’ve been after a web based version I could use on the go! :slight_smile:

Uhmmm… Doesn’t a cube by definition have six identical sides? So to be consistent with, well, math, shouldn’t the “cube” module in the demo code be called “cuboid”?
It’s the little things that make a good product a great one - personally I would never think of passing a “cube” module three dimensions.

Love where this is going! Great work, keep it up!

Still lots of work to do before it can be considered “ok” by my standards :wink:

It is good to hear that it works on a mobile device. I plan to add more mobile compatible controls in the future too;)

duly noted, and while that is a bit nitpicky about some not-even-alpha-yet code , I have to agree (hence “rectangle” and not “square” for the 2d shapes in the latest screens)

@John_Schneider Thanks !

@Mark_Moissette_ckaos sorry 'but that.
Btw, i too tested on my phone, a Galaxy Nexus - even though layout got shuffled around a bit, it was fully functional as far as i could tell.

@Thomas_Sanladerer No need to apologize I also like “words” have the right meaning, even the more so in code/programming :slight_smile:

Good to know it works on Android platforms too, but it is weird, I tested it on a samsung galaxy (s3), and I had quite a few issues…weird

I absolutely love this.

I can’t wait to see it work on my tablet

@Chris_Stolpe it already works on mine.