Homing on MKS DLC works only from USB

Witam !
Proszę o pomoc.
Mam sterownik MKS DLC + MKS TFT 3,5. “Firmware” makerbase-mks /MKS-DLC TFT_CNC
Mój problem to bazowanie . Na kablu USB wszystko działa prawidłowo. Niestety z ekranu TFT i odłączeniu kabla od komputera, Mój drawbot nie wjeżdża na wyłączniki krańcowe.

Hello !
Please help.
I have the MKS DLC + MKS TFT 3.5 driver. “Firmware” makerbase-mks / MKS-DLC TFT_CNC
My problem is homing. Everything works fine on the USB cable. Unfortunately, from the TFT screen and disconnecting the cable from the computer, my drawbot does not run over the limit switches.

link do mojego projektu:

Hello, I’m working on the same issue right now. I want to ask if you have a solution to the problem? The only thing I could think of now is the external USB power supply. Do you think that will help? thank you for answer

Niestety problem nie został rozwiązany…

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