Homing grbl 4 assi

salve gente sono italiano,ho comprato una scheda grbl a 4 assi con chip 32 bit, vorrei fare homing solo X e Y perché voglio usare con laser,la scheda ha caricato grbl 1.1f, bisogna modificare una stringa grbl per fare homing 2 assi,ma come lo carico il grbl su questa scheda a 32 bit ?

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Hi folks, I’m Italian, I bought a 4-axis grbl card with 32 bit chip, I would like to do homing only but how do I load the grbl on this 32 bit card?

Please post a link to that board so we can see if we can find any information out for you. Thank you.


I’m looking for a guide to load the grbl firmware on a 32 bit

Usually a version of grbl is already installed on those boards. A program like ioSender for Windows would be useful to connect to the board and check. It can also be used to configure the settings.

If grbl is not installed, you will probably want grblHAL. Installing will depend on what processor is on the board. grblHal has an online compiler with information on how to install. All of that can be found here:
That board appears to use an uncommon GB32F303 chip, which is probably a clone of an STMFxxx chip. Attempting to install a new firmware could get very tricky.