Homemade cnc

i have just completed building a desktop cnc using this you tube video DIY CNC Router Part 1 // Building a Small CNC Router - YouTube. i have used a 3018 controller and powered it up. i loaded a gcode i created in easel and snt it to my cellphone which i am using to run my cnc. the Gerbel controller i downloaded onto my phone works and it runs the gcode. however the axis are reversed. meaning when i want it to go left it goes right. and the z is also reversed. the stepper motor wires only go in one way so i cannot reverse them.

Hey, and welcome!

GRBL boards have software settings that allow the direction of travel to be reversed.

Here’s a thread that might be helpful:

The short story is that you add some numbers together and then run a gcode command. Details in the thread.