"home made" for .

“home made” #Bazooka #hotend for #QR1500. 1mm nozzle

full metal or with ptfe inside?

ptfe only on upper 1/3 length, for guidance after the Bowden fixture. The rest of 2/3 is full metal.
I also added a “buffer” for fast melting/mixing. might cause problems on retracts, but test will tell.

Video of print, please! :wink:
Bazooka :smiley:

any time we talk about #bazooka he need pay me 10 cent…sorry royality on name…:stuck_out_tongue: (dark no warry 5 cent for you ) LOL

7.5 cent for me, 2,5 cent for you :smiley: Mauro, no worry :)) fair trade :slight_smile: #bazooka style. LOL

Max, will try a video after i finish #saintFlint, and will do an external run

#update … i just killed 3 mini bic lighters with the saintFlint

dho…stay attention on sense of rotation
coil need stay in sense when push go to close himself.
in other way (retract) him try to enlage and break.
praticaly have only one direction when push work fine.

other suggestion as write @Michael_Memeteau add some tube for fix and mantain compress bic coil

This last suggestion is from @shauki . I just applied it and it solved my breaking flint problem so far…

i tried the fixing with tubes up/down
and also with some silicone rubber tubes. will buy more lighters today :slight_smile:

They really need to be tight in the axial direction. Ideally, that requires you to tap the axle (thread) with an M3. After that, no more trouble hopefully and no more sponsoring of bic. I also found that the inner ring found on a bicycle chain are good candidate to press the flint.

i payed attention to sense of rotation M, the rubber tube was just to see the gripping. still need to get alu tube 8mm exterior and 4-5mm interior ( with the use of drilling to 5 mm for the motor shaft)

ok undestand

Shauki, my old bike is the actual one:)

in 10 years, over 2400km, no broken chain link

all my local repar shop…are closed…LOL