Home made cnc glass sandblasting machine.. Works very well for a prototype machine..

(Sandblastcity Blackpool UK) #1

Home made cnc glass sandblasting machine… Works very well for a prototype machine… Now to build mark two…

(Brandon Satterfield) #2

@Sandblastcity_Blackp , man that really is nice! Curious, seems you are running extremely low acceleration. Due to the mass of the head? Would love to know more about the drive system.

(Sandblastcity Blackpool UK) #3

@Brandon_Satterfield hi there, the y carriage is extremely light, being driven by a home made belt driven linear rail and size 23 stepper. The cone helps contain the sand which bounces about 50cm up in the air after hitting the glass below. A use standard 3d cad software to create designs and g-code but then convert the g-code depth (Z) into feedrate speeds . This home written software produces different depths in the glass( the longer it sandblasts I particularly point the deeper it cuts)

(Denis Seguin) #4

Relay cool :slight_smile:

(Ben Delarre) #5

Very nice work. Any chance you documented this build somewhere?

(Sandblastcity Blackpool UK) #6

Hi Ben, it’s kinda made up as I went along. I am making a much bigger machine as the size is quite limited on this prototype ( max glass 930mm by 690mm). I need to go upto glass 2100mm by 1000mm for door glass, screen’s etc

(Glenn West) #7

can u share the head design the x y I understand

(Glenn West) #8

look at vslot from open build