Hollow Print settings for objects.

Hollow Print settings for objects.

Is there anyone who still uses Skeinforge? (except maybe Makerbot with the Replicator 2)

Thats a really old post… at least a year and a half in personal 3d printing years is like a lifetime. Im not even sure Slic3r was available then. I think RichRap has made something like 8 different printers since then.

We still have a Thing-o-Matic at our MakerStation, so Skeinforge does matter in some cases. I thought it was interesting for some of the details it presented.

@Robin_Gingerich So a little preface would have been nice. FWIW, you can still use slic3r or others to slice your models and open the resulting gcode in RepG to print on your ToM. You might find they will give you better results anyway, especially relating to hollow object prints.