Hobby maker, first big wood project

Hey how’s it going guys? This is my first post.

I’ve been working on what I would consider my first big wood project other than small stuff on the lathe, my workbench, etc. It’s a stock for a Savage A17 rifle. The one it comes with is injection molded plastic, is too small, and is a traditional style. So I decided to make one of my own with a pistol grip. It’s not quite finished. Waiting on parts to complete the stock. It’ll have a folding stock made of canary wood and 30mm carbon fiber tubing. Anywho, this is what I’ve got so far. Any tips, tricks, or criticisms are welcome.

I inletted the action, magazine well, and barrel channel using a milling machine, then made adjustments as necessary with hand tools.

I’ll upload more to this thread once I get more parts and finish it up.

Blank cut from a 2x6x5’ piece of canary wood. I broke this one and had to start over

Thanks for looking!


Welcome to the forum:

I don’t know much about stock design but it looks great.
What finish do you plan on using?

Thanks! I don’t know much about it either, just figured I’d give it a try! I was thinking I’d put a light stain on it and then finish it with a few coats of feed-n-wax.

Does that square butt fit into your shoulder?

Looks nice.


For durability, I would think about a poly finish.

Waxes, shellac, and lacquer don’t do well with human hands.

This is my regiment for a deep finish:
It will take multiple coats [4- 15] depending on how deep you want it to look.
2x coats
Dry 24hrs
Sand lightly @ 220
2x coats
Dry 24hrs
Sand lightly @220
…repeat until the surface is leveled.
(You can tell because when you sand there are few shiny spots)

Lightly sand with +600 grit
Hand rub out with mineral oil and rottenstone


Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a try

Thanks! I’m actually gonna take that square bit down to a dowel shape, then attach a 180 degree locking hinge. On the other end of the hinge will be a carbon fiber tube with a butt pad attached to it.