Hobby-Fab liquidation

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

Brandon is clearing out all his stock. Some great deals.

From his google+ post:

The inventory list is now on a spreadsheet. It is not all on there but will continue to add as time goes by.

Please share so I can get this stuff gone.

Instruction on how to check out on first page.

50 to 90% off everything.

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It happened my k40 died after a year and 3 months
(Ned Hill) #2

Awesome deal on laser power supplies has 2 at $40 each.

(Michael K Johnson) #3

@Brandon_Satterfield posted again on G+ that there’s a lot left, so bumping this post.

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

I have purchased a fair bit from Brandon already, lets try and help him out by grabbing some of these bargains. Brandon gave so much to the maker community, it would be nice if people returned the favor.

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(Brandon Satterfield) #5

You guys are awesome!
:slight_smile: Im here… Will take me a min to get used to it, but will start bringing content.

(Anthony Bolgar) #6

Welcome Brandon. Glad to have you here. I was really happy to see you here, you were definitely one of the people I wanted here on the Forums.

(0.45 NACL) #7

What about the rest of us? :crazy_face:

(Anthony Bolgar) #8

We like you too!

(Michael K Johnson) #9

Hi folks, looks like last chance before this goes to the great auction house in the digital sky. If you’ve been delaying while you think it through, finish thinking and drop @Brandon_Satterfield a note ASAP.