Hmmm, looks interesting.

Hmmm, looks interesting.

That does indeed

What would you use it for?

@jlauer you could drive larger stepper drivers with it for bigger cnc builds.

Granted, you would have to implement the full gcode engine. But not impossible

Oooh definitely cool.


This does 125khz. Smoothie does 100khz while also doing gcode interpolation, path planning, clean acceleration, and a hundred other things.
This may be a good idea on the face of it : putting a step generator on top of a Raspi, but at this price and using the hardware described I would expect it to be many times more capable than is described …

Along those same lines, I saw this a few days ago. Its for a robotic arm but might be adaptable.

They have a 4 motor and 7 motor controller with the Raspberry Pi header.

Software for robot arms is not trivial and makes programming gcode for a 3 axis CNCs look easy. Rotation can mess with your thinking with so many ways to do the same thing and fun things like gimbal lock.