Hmm, why not :) Originally shared by brian alley A vacuum plate for my

Hmm, why not :slight_smile:

Originally shared by brian alley

A vacuum plate for my cnc mill.
Now I can cut and engrave really thin things that I couldn’t hang onto before.
There’s a series of passages thru it, from the threaded port to the center of the plate.

Are you using a rubber band to seal the passages outside the stock perimeter?

Yeah, that’s pretty nice.

@Marcus_Wolschon its not my project, please contact @brian_alley

Here’s how I do it. Pretty much removes the need to auto level, as the base is machined level. It’s a piece of mdf which is porous, just paint the edges to seal it.

If I did it again I’d make it a perfect fit for the boards I buy so I can flip to double side. Just need to clean up the internal corners with a chisel. I am using a cheap 2 stage vacuum pump from eBay.

@Paul_Shaw ​ so you just drilled a hole in the side of the MDF and stuck the fitting in? Is that duct tape that you’re using to seal off the area around the board?

@Brian_Cross usually you drill and then form a thread.

@Marcus_Wolschon right but it’s just a fitting attached to a chunk of MDF? It’s porous enough to allow the vacuum to pull down on the entire surface area of the top?

Yeah, I’m wondering that too. Is MDF porous enough without any modifications to make this work. It’s a pretty cool idea if that’s the case. I’ve never seen that idea before.

A friend of mine has a 4x8 CNC router that has a vacuum table that pulls through a solid MDF spoil board, so it definitely can work. Just curious about pulling vacuum from the side like this.

@Brian_Cross it’s a fitting attached to a 3D printed, solid part. Probably PLA. What do you mean with “porous enough”? The hole on the fitting should be connected to the center of this grid maze.

@Marcus_Wolschon I was referring to Paul’s MDF hold down.

A guy in our club uses mdf, cut into strip and layer on side, the mdf flows vac thru it very nicely at the edges, not as well on the top or bottom surface.
My plastic plate was tested yesterday. It stays mounted to the back of the mill table out of the way. Once mounted, a scotchbrite disc in the spindle run over the surface true it up. I put a piece of construction paper on it, turn on vac pump. Only way to get paper up was to peel from corner. This is just used to engrave thin brass and aluminum ID tags for equipment. They get rivet on.

@Marcus_Wolschon ​ the part is actually completely hollow, other than 4mm pins aligned to stiffen it. I’ve been asked to share the file. But I have a few folks interested locally in purchasing these, so I’m wait until that deal is done to decide to upload the file

Did you get mean “I am waiting” or “I am going to wait”?

Try to search and found this one: or this

@Marcus_Wolschon does it matter? Both seem the same to me. I’m not in a formal English class here

@Frank_Herrmann I don’t think that table is printed, just the accessories

Yeah I drilled a hole in straight behind the fitting but don’t think it needs it. The fitting is tapped into the mdf bit of thread sealant on it. The tape is just a wide pvc tape you could use electrical tape just have to take care to cover the edge of the of the board