Hi, when I tried printing a larger plate of objects today the print started

Hi, when I tried printing a larger plate of objects today the print started out ok but it tore a hole in the infill of the first layer of two of the parts I was printing.

My printer is a @RepRap_Pro MonoMendel.

Has anyone got an idea what could cause this?

I think you may be too close to the build surface.

After posting this I checked my bed to see if the hotend came too close to it and noticed that it wasn’t really level anymore so I releveled it. I am now printing some test pieces to see if that helped.

That is what i wanted to suggest.

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M After releveling my bed the print quality of the first level is noticeably better. I just tired printing the plate again and I still have this issue but at other positions this time.
I have some new photos but I can’t add them to this post…

Even if your bed is not level, it’s weird that you are scraping lower layers. It would imply that your z of the nozzle is lower than it should be at those areas. If the need is to high on the first layer, I generally get really thin plastic in those areas, and my extruder usually chews up the filament as well. Please post your solution once you discover it, I’m very curious

I would say that the filament is not sticking well to the bed in places, but you need to watch carefully to see if the nozzle is shunting plastic to make the bald patches.

Finger prints on the bed can cause sticking problems.

Leveling the bed can be a pain. You need to go from corner to corner and then level it out diagonally. Also make sure you heated bed it nog bending because of the heat. Others had problems with bed’s made of wood, aluminium and mdf. They all bend when heated.

I have a little standoff in the middle of my bed. Then i adjust the corners to be just as high. ( buckeled pcb/bed with hollow side up).

But is you really want to do it right, buy a “casted aluminium plate”. Casted aluminium does not bend when heated because there are no stresses from stretching the aluminium.

Are you cleaning your bed with Alcohol between prints? Like @Mark_Heywood said, any oils from your finger or even from the plastic will prevent your part from sticking correctly. Although when this happens to me, it looks more like flying spaghetti, since the nozzle drags the plastic around until it sticks.

wow NICE :))

Wow! Thanks for all the input. I just got up and I’ll try cleaning the bed and giving it another shot.