hi twinkly peeps... just thought I'd share the progress of my latest fastled project...

(Lawrence Clark) #1

hi twinkly peeps… just thought I’d share the progress of my latest fastled project… it’s a lampshade - but upside down in the video as it’s still not finished), controlled by a web page app … it plays 2 simultaneous fastled patterns selected from a list, and in demo mode it pulse fades between them, randomises various parameters and selects new patterns at random, meaning you never get the same thing twice (unless you turn autoplay off, in which case it’s fully configurable …oh, and i also made the music remix that’s playing in the background , but that’s not finished either…)

Oh, also, thanks to everyone who shares their code on here or github etc - i’ve borrowed and adapted lots , and if i ever finish the script properly, I’ll ask permission and give credit before including it in the upload x

(Yves BAZIN) #2

@Lawrence_Clark that is nice !!

(Lawrence Clark) #3

@Yves_BAZIN Thank you! :slight_smile: it’s still a work in progress (and if anyone has any scripts they don’t mind me adapting, feel free to send links etc…)

(Brad Williamson) #4

Very nice! Is that a prebuilt matrix (flexible?) or did you mount individual strips to the inside of the lampshade? The dual patterns look really good. Also, loving the Eurythmics mix!

(Jason Coon) #5

That looks (and sounds) great! Looking forward to seeing the code and more videos!

(Marc Miller) #6

I watched holding my phone upside down :wink:
The dual mixed patterns looks cool.

(Yves BAZIN) #7

@Lawrence_Clark here is some

(Lawrence Clark) #8

@Brad_Williamson It’s a premade flexible ws2812 from amazon (and one on the opposite side as well that you can’t see in the vid …)
I think it was about £30 gbp for 8x32

(Andrew Tuline) #9

That’s very cool looking. Would love to see the code for this.

(Lawrence Clark) #10

@Andrew_Tuline very happy to share it with you if you’d like (I think some of it’s yours anyway! Lol)

But it’s a real mess and needs fixing /organising which I was gonna do over Christmas…

Happy to send it in it’s current state , or if you’d rather wait for the more finished version , watch this space…

(Andrew Tuline) #11

@Lawrence_Clark I’d wait and see the finished product. :wink:

(Chris Creel) #12

I’m imaging a battery powered one of those and installed in a portapotty at a burn with a motion sensor to turn it on.

(Daniel Haber) #13

@Chris_Creel LOL something this cool doesn’t belong in a portapotty! I’m imagining the conflict now, it smells horrible but this is fun to look at, Ah what to do?!?!

(Stefan “stelb” Le Breton) #14

I’m searching for something like this starfield effect you have… is the source code available somewhere?

(Jordan Whaley) #15

This is fantastic. Looking forward to updates!

(Lawrence Clark) #16

@Stefan_stelb_Le_Bret -I’d be happy to send it yes - which bit of the video are you referring (how many seconds in?) and I’ll point you to the relevant bit?

(Stefan “stelb” Le Breton) #17

@Lawrence_Clark these moving white dots starting at 52 and 62 seconds

(Scott Peterson) #18

I’d be interested in the code as well. This would look great running on my Daft Punk Thomas helmet.