Hi to the community.

Hi to the community.
I have a Geeetech G2S delta, and i’ve smoked the GT2560 controller board.
I would like to moove to 32bit and smoothieware is the natural choice, i’ve selected for cost reason the MKS 1.3, i would like to ask few quesions:

  1. Does somebody has a G2S config to start with ?
  2. I know the 32 bit boards are not compatible with 2004 display, is it the any workaround for this ?
    Many thanks for any help !

by buying an MKS you will not get any support from the smoothie community. you will need to ask MKS for support…


Look for open source alternatives -

Cool, i didn’t know about this issue will go for an opensource version then, any help with the config ?

Personally a big fan of @raykholo and his Cohesion 3D boards.

Thanks, will have a look to the Cohesion3D, i hope to source it in europe at a decent price